Employment Law

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Preparing for potential employment law issues before they happen.

Employment law at both the state and federal level can be a minefield, which requires vigilance and expertise to navigate. Compliance with the ever-changing laws and complex regulations is costly and employers must rely on their consultants for competent and cost-effective advice. We believe that the safest and least expensive approach to deal with employment law issues is to practice preventative maintenance. We work with our clients to prepare them for the inevitable compliance issues and to implement policies that will aid in avoiding costly litigation in the future.

Employment law compliance and preventive counseling.

We emphasize the need for compliance documentation and sound practices in all areas of employer-employee relationships. This complex relationship may be governed by a myriad of different state and federal agencies, departments, and boards. We help prepare our clients for the inevitable challenges of hiring, working with, and terminating employees. We also inform and train our clients to prepare the required contracts to negotiate issues and to help foresee potential problems ahead.

Employment investigations and advice.

We will assist our clients in performing investigations of harassment or other complaints. We can then advise the employer on the steps to take to help avoid a penalty or costly litigation.

Trial representation in employment law.

In the unlikely scenario that trial is unavoidable, we represent our clients in federal or state courts of law. While we understand that litigation is never a positive experience for an employer, we pride ourselves on being zealous advocates, providing our clients with practical and sound advice during litigation.