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Our team believes it's not only important stay up to date on common industry best practices, but it is equally important to be apart of
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We understand Affirmative Action Plans can be a bit overwhelming and slightly intimidating, especially if you haven’t done them in the past. Our team at Optimum Human Resource Systems has created a short, instructional “AAP Basics” white paper. This paper is not meant to make you an expert in Affirmative Action Plans, that's what we are here for. The paper will give you a basic understanding of why AAP’s are done and what is all involved in their creation. 

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With changing times, we believe it is important to talk about current topics, but also listen to what our clients are saying and look for solutions to the opportunities and challenges their organizations are experiencing.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m a big fan of walking and listening to audiobooks. Another passion of mine that was not mentioned is my love of architecture. So imagine my surprise and curiosity the first time I came upon one of Minneapolis’s “Little Free Libraries,” basically a little bird box structure that houses books that are donated by people in the community.  Not only am I drawn to the structure itself, but I always find myself pausing to explore the contents inside.  Occasionally I find a diamond in the rough.

"A Tribute to Dr. King"
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Great Reads to Inspire Affirmative Action - Planning

For me, the silver-lining of COVID is embracing my alone time and using it as a learning opportunity. I discovered the beauty of checking out audiobooks from the Hennepin County Library and I incorporated them into my daily hikes. I ended up reading (mostly listening to, actually) 66 books in 2020.

"Inspirational Reads"
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