KimAileen White

KimAileen’s personal mission is to effectively train, coach, and serve as a career advocate with holistic, wrap-around job search services to help individuals successfully not only land new jobs but to land jobs that are a personal fit with who they are, or to start new businesses.

About our associate.

KimAileen is a disruptive boundary spanner by nature, she utilizes her personal business background and experience to help job seekers learn how to treat their careers as life-long business ventures. A key to each of her clients' personal success is based on KimAileen’s understanding of business markets and her unique ability to help each job seeker understand the start-to-finish sales process including, but not limited to, product design, specifications and life expectancy each employer seeks when filling roles within their businesses. As such, it is 100% necessary for individuals to understand the product they're selling [WHO AM I?], what market(s) they're working in, and how to sell and then deliver value on the promises they make prospective employers.

  • Customized services for each individual
  • Transitioning employees with Dignity and Respect 
  • Expert in Outsourcing
  • Career satisfaction for all
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