Employee Opinion & Engagement Surveys

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Employee Opinion and Engagement Surveys equip organizations.

Employee Opinion and Engagement Surveys are valuable tools for collecting information on how employees perceive their workplace and other company environment and business issues. Surveys are generally accepted as a best business practice and can be directed to active or exiting employees, depending on the needs of the sponsoring organization.

The value of third-party Employee Opinion Survey administration.

While many organizations implement Employee Opinion Surveys in-house, our experience has shown that the ones carried out by an outside, specialized partner are more effective because they:

  • Allow an organization’s key decision makers to obtain clear, objective data that is not affected by the biases of the person collecting or interpreting the data
  • Provide feedback from a broad cross section of employees, not just a vocal minority
  • Maintain the anonymity of the respondents which encourages candid feedback that is not influenced by employee perceptions of “what the Company wants to hear”
  • Development of effective feedback and communication strategies targeted to insure employee satisfaction and retention
  • Reduce costs by using specialized survey software, which allows maximum customization of the survey and feedback reports at minimum expense