Diversity & Inclusion, Respectful Conduct

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Diversity and inclusion strategies for respectful workplace conduct.

Beyond harassment issues, employees look for employers to provide a safe, welcoming, respectful and open environment to work in. Given the wide range of employee demographics with different cultures, religions, ages, backgrounds, dress, political opinions, workplace expectations, conflict and potential discrimination may occur.

We can assist with workplace training and policies to assist with creating workplaces where all feel comfortable.

We provide the following services:

  • Handbook review
  • Policy and Code of Conduct writing
  • Manager training on key danger zones
  • Understanding what it means to be a diverse organization
  • Affirmative Action Plans
  • Employee engagement surveys
  • Culture assessment and change management
  • Addressing Digital communication and social media issues
  • When and how to address complaints and other issues
  • Conflict management training
  • Respectful workplace conduct training
  • Sensitivity and Awareness training